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joomla database class and Functions

Generic database connector class.

An instance of this class, called $database, is created using the current Joomla configuration variables when each page is loaded. Therefore you do not generally need to create new instance of this object.  If you need to access to $database within a function then remember to declare it as global.

Beginning with version 1.1, Joomla is being adapted to use the ADOdb database abstraction library (adodb.sourceforge.net).  Some new methods have been added and some minor changes to existing methods have been made in order to accommodate this and these changes have been documented appropriately.  Joomla versions prior to 1.1 support the MySQL database (www.mysql.com) only.
Joomla version Unknown
Defined in


    Constructor for the database class.
    Performs an SQL EXPLAIN on the current SQL query string.
    Returns the most recent database error message.
    Returns the most recent database error code.

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How to use the REMOSITORY's quickdown plugin in joomla1.5

   Remository is a highly capable file repository for use within one of the supported CMSs (Content Management Systems - currently Joomla! or Mambo or Aliro). It can organise files into folders (described in the system using the generic word "containers") that can be nested to an arbitrary depth. Files can be uploaded or downloaded by site visitors, subject to constraints configured by the site administrator.

  www.joomlavm.com is use this component for download files,but there are blank content when i use the lastest editon plugin -- "quickdown"  in the joomla1.5, so i check those files of Remository's quickdown plugin,i found that the core codes out of time,then i chang the core file as follow(plugins\content\quickdown.php):

ERROR [include_code_listing plugin]: File Not Found ( /display codes/quickdown.txt)

test it ok now!


Joomla! 1.5 development Resources
JDN Documentation Areas:
   - Developers Blog
   - Framework Overview
   - Framework API
   - Developers Wiki

1. News of Joomla! 1.5 Status
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How to change super admin password in Joomla

  Before we begin, you must have access to your database. If you don't, pass these instructions on to someone that does.  please backup your database before making changes.


1.Log in to your Joomla database (via phpMyAdmin for example)

2.Click to edit the _users database (will be preceded by your account name, for example: example_users

3.Edit the entry for where usertype = "Super Administrator" (should be the first record)

then you can see your old password, but it's cryptograph,so you need to overwrite it with the new password that you can know and need to remember.

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How to add a YouTube video into an article in Joomla! 1.5

   The EasyTube plugin allows you to easily embed any YouTube or Google video in your webpage using a tag. All you need is the URL for the YouTube or Google video which can easily be found on each website.


  1. Login to Mambo/Joomala and goto mambots, upload and install the easytube file.
  2. Activate the mambo
  3. To embed a youtube or google video player, all you need to do is insert one simple tag into your page which takes the form [ youtube:URL] or [ googlevideo:URL]
    The URL is the url of the video in Youtube or Google Videos, just copy and paste from your browser address.
  4. You can also set the width and height of the player as follows:
    [ youtube:URL WIDTH HEIGHT] or [ googlevideo:URL WIDTH HEIGHT]

NOTE: No whitespace at the beginning of the tag.

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